At a Glance

Beauty, design and taste have always played a central role in Anja’s life.  Anja’s style palette is a rich mix of European, Asian and American design traditions, which reflect the distinct cultures Anja experienced in her life. These influences inform her intuitive visual approach, her multi-layered designs and eclectic style.                                     

Anja grew up in Berlin, then part of Eastern Germany, a city where a new lifestyle, architecture and art are emerging against the backdrop of Prussian classicist clarity, 19th Century Central European elegance, cold-war cultural tensions mixed with the East Side Gallery exuberance and the growing Eastern European influences.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Anja came to Boston as a student and has lived in the city ever since.  Following an active career in management consulting and coaching for Fortune 500 companies, Anja combined her business skills and design talent into a interior design practice, building upon a strong network of Italian, German and Scandinavian designers and suppliers.

Anja's design reflects the way we now live our lives – modern, global, stylish, confident. Anja interprets her clients' lifestyle and taste into beautiful, warm, comfortable and livable spaces. She mixes eras, cultures, design styles and combines them with her client's own personal style.

Anja's projects run the gamut from intimate downtown loft apartments to large condominium projects and commercial office renovation. Her residential work includes the refurnishing of an elegant townhouse in Boston's Back Bay, the renovation of a residence in Cambridge as well as a classicist villa in Potsdam, the Imperial city where Anja’s favorite architect, Karl Friedrich Schinkel, started his career.

Anja holds graduate degrees from the University Greifswald (Germany) Tufts and Harvard University. She completed her studies of interior design at the Interior Design Institute in San Francisco, CA. She lives in Cambridge, MA with her husband and their two children.