Anja’s design palette is a mix of European, Asian and American influences. It is rooted in the cultures of her childhood and the experiences of her life. They inspire her intuitive approach, her multi-layered designs and her eclectic style. Anja’s work expresses the way 21st-century people live their lives – modern, global, pragmatic, beautiful, confident. She interprets her clients' lifestyle and works sensitively with their taste to translate the forms and colors they instinctively use into beautiful, warm, comfortable and livable spaces. Her alluring designs are mature, contemporary and clean—yet still energetic and playful. She mixes eras, cultures and design styles in a way that extraordinarily reflects a client's personal style.

Anja’s work runs the gamut from model units and intimate flats to large residential villas, commercial spaces or common areas in large residential projects.

She holds graduate degrees from the University Greifswald in Germany, Tufts University and Harvard University. Anja enjoyed her interior design studies at the Interior Design Institute in San Francisco.

Anja lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts with her husband and children.