Private Residence, Brownstone Townhouse
Boston, MA

Architect: Thomas Shine
Interior decoration: Anja Park Design
Completed: 2017

This elegant five-story brownstone is located on Beacon Street in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. The building formerly housed the students of a local language school. Its transformation from a college dormitory into a single family residential townhouse began in 2016 and gave APD the opportunity to create a strikingly contemporary interior within a historically significant structure. Our design team embraced the owner’s love of soft, soothing tones and inserted splashes of colors throughout. We worked closely with the owner to curate her stunning collection of pottery, African Art, and photography, which was paired with refined and sophisticated European furniture. In addition, we wove the owner’s numerous cultural and artistic interests into the design of the home. As the granddaughter of a prominent British mid-century furniture designer, we also restored signature examples of his work that are now prominently featured throughout her home.